Early stages of a personal project, 'Protect and Surv', from rough napkin scribble to 3D forms, and on to compositing into footage/stills. 
Idea is to explore our ambivalent relationship with surveillance, by stripping away the anonymity and personalising the viewer. 
Expect progress to be glacial...
Initial sketches.
Head modelling - Modo plus various prebuilt bits from various sources. Modo renders.
Simple paintover test to check proportions, scale.
Rig test, overall movement and 'personality'.
Logo ideas.
Clothing in ZBrush. He lives outdoors, sleeps rough, but tries to keep up appearances. Not into ironing so much.
Simple and unobtrusive, blending into the surroundings.
Texturing the head. Substance Painter makes this stuff embarrassingly easy.
Rigged (mostly) - testing poses. Weight painting is quite tedious...
A few composited shots, experimenting with settings, moods:

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