Side Effects
Some visual musings on the ups and downs of social media.
Pervasive, malleable, ubiquitous - the global drug. Social media is tailor-made to soothe the anxieties of a population in turmoil, unite a society fractured by change. But as with any new drug, there can be side effects…
Some meshes from, some homemade, a few from
Mostly Cinema4D, with some Houdini for the bubbling liquid, TFD for the gas, XParticles for the grains. @redshift3D throughout. Drum machine track made using DM1 on an iPad.
Houdini setup for the bubbling fluid. Using particles that grow as they age, fed into a VDB setup to give the bubbles a hollowed out volume inside the liquid.
For the UI screens I wanted a distinctive, functional style that would emphasise the clinical, automated nature of their process.

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